Are you looking for professional carpet cleaners to get your carpets looking fresh and spotless again?

If you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned in the past 6 months, you probably need it. Contaminants hide in dirty carpets and can cause serious health hazards like allergies and upper respiratory infections. Experts state that carpets should be professionally cleaned TWO times per year.
When you need an experienced expert carpet cleaner, you can count on us. Our trained carpet cleaners in Melbourne and beyond use a number of methods to clean residential/commercial/office/industrial carpets.

At Ace Cleaning, we have a proven method to assess carpets and determine the best cleaning solution to suit your needs and budget. We offer pre treatment, hot water steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and deep steam cleaning for your carpets. Our carpet cleaners will assess your carpet and discuss with you areas of staining, high traffic areas, carpet condition, and probable results. A pre-spray treatment will be applied and individual stains treated prior to the main job.

Steam cleaning uses pressured hot water mixed with a mild liquid based detergent which is injected into the pile of the carpet and then is extracted out taking with it all the dirt that is hidden in the pile of your carpets. This method will remove most stains, contaminants, and dirt caught at the base of the pile that causes carpet abrasion and wear.

You can also get dry cleaning for your carpet. This method of carpet cleaning is used mostly on lightly soiled carpets, using the dry bonnet method. To get all floors and surfaces looking equally pristine, our trained staff can also restore the look of your tiles & grout by using a machine with high pressure super heated water and cleanser to clean mould from bathrooms, ceramic tiles, slate, sandstone, concrete, bathroom recesses , pathways, swimming pools & surroundings, driveways, family rooms, kitchen’s and more.

When you need the finest carpet cleaning services in the country, call Ace Cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning from Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane and everywhere in between; no matter where you are, we can help. Contact us today on 1300 505 848 for more information or to get your free no-obligation quote.

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