Site Management

Maintaining a facility in a clean and hygienic condition requires planning and management. We have implemented as part of our quality assurance a site management system to all our clientele.

1. Pre-start induction by a member of the management and cleaning team to

o Collect key and confirm alarm procedures

o Confirm internal security requirements

o Confirm access and service frequencies

o Determine cleaner storage area

o Deliver cleaner communication book and confirm contact details.

o Introduce the cleaner to client .

o Ensure the cleaner has clear understanding of the clients specific needs

2. Onsite training

The cleaning manager will attend at each cleaning service of your facility until they are satisfied that the cleaner fully understand the requirements of the service to be performed.

3. Strong, visible, regular supervision

4. Prescheduled auditing of performance

5. Documentation and detailed leaning specifications that guide both the customer and the cleaner